CFU Board Summary – October 2021

Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on Monday 18th October 2021 by Virtual Conference

Present: Andrew Morris (Chair), Mike Vickers, Nick Phillipson, Kieron Shiel, Jeff Banks, Matt Dickenson, and Christine Robson.

Apologies: Alex Owen, Jim Green, Adam Langan, Paul Bodman and Chris Robertson.

Minutes of Meeting held on 13th September 2021 – The Minutes of the meeting were accepted as a true record, with an update on planning permission that would be needed to put up digital boards at the entrance to the club car park and the other at the South Stand. The Club would also need to speak to Flintshire County Council.

Review of Actions – All actions had been completed and closed. Club needs to start developing relations with other local businesses and consolidate the ones that we already have.

Finance – Matt Dickenson stated that there was nothing to mention since the previous meeting.

Deva Stadium and CWAC update – Mike Vickers stated that he was still waiting for responses to his requests but had received a report concerning the floodlights. The club needed a 5-year plan for the backlog of work which needed doing. Consideration given to joining the council as a consortium. The club needs to sort out the issue regarding the charge for water. Electricity would also be charged at a higher rate, but gas would be okay. Query as to whether we could buy energy in bulk.

Staff Pay – Kieron Shiel had sent round to all board members a paper regarding staff pay. Went through several options. Suggested that the National Living Wage be used for yearly reviews. After much discussion an option was chosen, and a letter would be sent to all staff regarding the pay rise.

AOB – Nick Phillipson mentioned the floodlights. The FSIF had granted the club a sum of money. The club would have to meet the difference. A decision needs to be made by 15th November 2021.

Andy Morris stated he was having a meeting with Jaspers regarding the issues surrounding the kiosks.

Mike Vickers had mentioned that he had not received his email regarding the AGM. This had happened to several members. There had been an issue with different data being on the system and was being looked at by Jeff Banks and Mike Day.

Jeff Banks stated he was working on a paper to try and build up a picture as to why people were not coming to matches.