CFU Board Summary – September 2021

Summary of Minutes of Official CFU Board Meeting held on Monday 13th September 2021 by Virtual Conference

Present: Andrew Morris (Chair), Adam Langan, Mike Vickers, Jim Green, Nick Phillipson, Paul Bodman, Kieron Shiel, Jeff Banks, Chris Robertson, Matt Dickenson, and Christine Robson.

Apologies: Alex Owen, Jim Green.

Minutes of Meeting held on 16th August 2021 – The Minutes of the meeting were accepted as a true record.

CFU Formal Meeting –Several Board members had suggested that a formal CFU meeting should be held before the AGM. A date of Thursday 7th October 2021 was chosen to be held in the Blues Bar at the Stadium. Doors to be open at 7pm for meeting to start at 7.30pm.

1st Team Performance – Jim Green had sent an email to Board members regarding the underperformance of the first team, which was way under the level which was expected. The Board needed to reserve the right to assess the situation if it did not improve. JG had had discussions with the managers.

Community Activity – Paul Bodman had circulated a paper to the Board regarding sponsorships. Andy Morris stated that any future sponsorships must be signed in a written contract. AM had been in discussions with a gentleman called Mike Turner who owned a company called “Open Club House” which works on the principal of taking a % commission for any activity it raises for the club. A suggestion had been an electronic scoreboard, which would have adverts on.

Youth Alliance League Withdrawal – A paper had been sent to the Board from Calum McIntyre with a suggestion that the youth team no longer play within the Youth Alliance League. After much consideration it was decided that the Board would support the proposal put by CM, subject to certain conditions. A letter would be drafted to go to the NL.

Hospitality – Nick Phillipson stated that he had spoken to Jaspers regarding issues raised by fans attending matches and proposals were put in place to solve them.

AGM – The Secretary, Christine Robson stated that all paperwork was in the process of being printed. The EMG would be meeting on Wednesday 22nd September 2021 (Independent Scrutineer – Philip Young from Bury FC) to consider all nominations. Paper documents would be going out to members on Thursday 14th October 2021 and email screenshots going out on Monday 18th October 2021.

AOB – Jeff Banks suggested that the Board put out a communication to update supporters on latest developments and updates from portfolio holders given it had been a few months since the last update. Matt Dickenson was working on the end of year financial accounts and would send across a draft copy to all Board members when completed. Mike Vickers mentioned that the club had been having issues with the KGB project. Price had gone up significantly but had now been resolved.

Date of next Meeting – Next formal CFU Board Meeting would take place on Monday 11th October 2021 at 7.30pm by virtual conference.