CFU looking to former members to ‘Rejoin the Journey!’

City Fans United are kicking off a CFU ‘Rejoin the Journey’ Sign Up Week on Saturday when they hope to increase the number of current members by asking those who have not yet renewed their membership to do so this Saturday afternoon whilst Chester FC are in action against Blyth Spartans, in what could see the club go top of the National League North.


Around 600 people have yet to renew their membership, and Jeff Banks, the CFU director who owns the membership portfolio, is asking those lapsed members to ‘Rejoin the Journey!’, “I’m sure everyone has their reasons for not renewing their CFU membership in the summer, maybe they haven’t got round to it yet, maybe it was a case of they just wanted to help in 2018 when the crisis pulled everyone together, but either way it’s so important for those former members to renew as not only is it a significant financial benefit to the club, but it also gives CFU a stronger voice in how the club is run and what decisions are made in the future.


“Our aim is to get back to having 2000 members of all ages, we currently have 1400 members which is comprised of adults, life members and Junior Blues, so I’m asking all of those who were with us before to ‘Rejoin the Journey’ and be part of something special that is happening this season at Chester FC.


“We have announced a number of quality discounts for members recently, and that list will grow further, and if we can get 2000 members of CFU then this will help attract further discounts too across the whole community. So my message to anyone who has not renewed from last year is please do it this Saturday when you’re tuning into the game against Blyth, or even if you’re at the game as you can even do it on your phone!”


Click here to join or renew your CFU membership


CFU are also asking current members if they would consider moving across to the Direct Debit scheme introduced this season, where members are able to pay any amount from £2 per month upwards, and for anyone that switches across to the scheme in the next 7 days then they will be rewarded with a limited edition pin badge. “We have had a very good start on our Direct Debit scheme for members, and if more members are happy to switch to the Direct Debit option, and in turn help the club financially at the same time then we would like to thank them with the pin badge as a gesture.”


“If it’s £2 per month or £10 per month, or any other figure, then this will be a massive help to Chester FC and it really will make renewing next year so much easier, so I would like to ask each current member to consider this option going forward to help.”


To switch to the Direct Debit option, please email who will be able to set up the plan very easily for members.