CFU response to High Court decision

No-one wanted to see Chester City Football Club die today. But the stay of execution given to the Club in the High Court is little comfort to Chester supporters. The way our club has been run is indefensible and has led to a catastrophic loss of confidence by supporters, businesses, the football authorities and the wider community. The only way forward is a swift and decisive change of ownership.


We will continue to work tirelessly for a resolution to the disgraceful position that our Club is in. And we would like to reassure our members and supporters that we remain resolute in our ambition for our City to not only have a football club, but one that is community led that we can all be proud of.

CFU Chair Chris Pilsbury said, “We have been delighted by the response CFU has had from supporters old and new. Our membership has rocketed to over 500 in a few short weeks. We have also had a great response from people in Chester who have not been involved in the Club; from supporters of other Clubs and from exiled Cestrians from around the world. It is clear that we have a very firm platform from which to build. We would urge any supporter or Chester resident who wants to help us achieve our aim of a successful community led club, to join CFU today via, and anyone interested in investing in the Club of the future to contact us immediately.”

CFU is meeting on Thursday 28th January at the Home Guard Club, Canal Street at 8pm. New members welcome to join on the night (please arrive early).