CFU Statement on the Fans’ Protest planned for Saturday 31st October

City Fans United is working hard to produce contingency plans and amass contingency funds to secure the future of professional football in Chester. These are medium and long term aspirations; quite rightly our focus is not on what happens today or tomorrow, but on contingency planning for the coming weeks and months ahead.


Any protests which take place on Saturday 31st October have therefore not been organised by City Fans United. City Fans United recognise that fans have a right to protest and will not do anything to interfere with these protests. However we would request that no protesting take place in the West Stand.

All fans of Chester City are concerned about the club’s predicament. However, there are many people who do not wish to get involved with protests, they simply wish to take their children and grandchildren to the match. The West Stand is the family stand and as such is populated mainly by families with young children. Though we have little doubt that any protest will take place cordially and peacefully, we do not feel that the West Stand is the ideal place to protest.

City Fans United expect any protests to be peaceful and expect a proportionate response from stewards at the ground.

We will maintain our focus on producing medium and long term contingency plans.