City Fans United in the Community

City Fans United have been out and about in the community recently attending various events including the Newton Primary School & the Lache Festival.


On Saturday 26th June, Chairman Chris Pilsbury joined Chester players Mark Connolly and Greg Stones to officially open the annual Newton Primary School Garden Party fundraiser, which this year featured a World Cup theme.


Tracey Button, Vice Chair of the Parents & Teachers Association for Newton Primary School was delighted at the appearance by the players, “We were extremely pleased that representatives and players from Chester FC were able to attend and support their recent successful annual fundraising Garden Party. The children were excited to meet the players, especially as this year’s event featured a World Cup football theme.”


On Saturday 3rd July, board members Mark Howell and Jim Green, CFC community assistant and City Fans United member Daniel Burns and CFU Junior Blue Dylan Howell, attended the Lache Festival at the Lache Community Centre.


During the day, During the day we sold our new wristbands featuring the “I am a Chester fan, I am a Cestrian” legend, and a keepy uppy contest was held for local children to win a free season ticket. Our winners were 13 years old Alex Galloway (who did 67 keepy ups!) in the under 15’s section, and 10 year old Sheldon McGovern won the under 11’s section with an excellent 24.


Following training, Club manager Neil Young came down with coaching assistant Alan Barber and CEO Steve Ashton, and Neil didn’t take much arm twisting to have a go, getting a valiant 49.


“It is great to be involved with such a great community event. The spirit of community at this event is just what Chester FC are trying to generate within and around our Club, and it was great to see so many children who had great interest in the Club. We look forward to seeing them again at the Deva Stadium in the next few weeks” said Mark Howell, Community Director of CFC.