City Fans United launches Junior Blues

CFU in bid to get young people supporting Chester City FC

It is with great pleasure and immense pride that City Fans United are able to announce the birth of its Junior Blues section.

Chair of the Junior Blues, Dave Cartwright, says: “We want to see the kids of Chester wearing Chester City shirts and scarves, not those of Premier League giants.”

Cartwright continues: ”It has been many years since the children of our City’s football club have been able to join their own organisation, years that have seen the almost total neglect of the younger element of our supporters. These youngsters will play a vital role in ensuring that football in this great city prospers in the future; they will form the backbone of our football club’s support in the years to come.”

Describing how Junior Blues will operate, Cartwright adds: “Even though the Junior Blues is part of City Fans United, it will be self supporting. Our objective is to bring the feel good factor back and once again ensure that parents bring their children for an enjoyable, safe, family day out supporting our football club.”

A committee of volunteers has been organised to run the Junior Blues, many of whom are Criminal Records Bureau checked. Various events for The Junior Blues to enjoy are due to be organised in the near future, i.e.: fun days, days out etc.

The cost of joining The Junior Blues organisation is just £5 for which children will receive an induction package worth in excess of £20. In addition to this, the Junior Blues are currently in contact with other organisations in the area to obtain more benefits for its young members.

Cartwright sums up the Junior Blues: “We wish to secure the next generation of fans for Chester City FC. Everyone who joins the Junior Blues will be joining a fun organisation which offers great value, great days out and lots of enjoyment.”

Junior Blues application forms will be available to download from this site very shortly, but please contact for an application form.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Junior Blues, please also contact us at