December date for New & Existing ‘Chester FC Exiles’

Welcome to the CFU Exiles – Join us on Tuesday 13th December in London


After resolutions passed overwhelmingly by both the Chester FC Exiles and City Fans United, the Exiles are now fully part of CFU.  This means that all members of City Fans United who live away from the immediate Chester area are automatically also members of the Exiles.


At no extra cost to yourself – or any reduction in your rights as a CFU member – you have the opportunity to participate in Exiles activities and the Exiles will also seek to represent the interests of fans living away from Chester. 

In order to mark the merging of the two organisations we are holding an informal event on Tuesday 13th December at Bar Kick, 127 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JE starting at 7pm.


We are delighted that former goalkeeper, Grenville Millington, will be joining us for the occasion.  Grenville will be talking about his long association with the Club and his new role as Life Vice-President.  Chester FC Board Member, David Evans, will also be present to talk of future plans and answer questions about the Club.


We will be discussing what the new CFU Exiles can do for its members.  There will of course be refreshments, and the chance to meet fellow Chester supporters (and possibly a Bar Football Competition as it is the speciality of the House!).


We realise that this is a London based event and this will not be convenient for many CFU Exiles members (there are about 100 CFU members living abroad as well as many in other parts of the UK).  But this is the first of what we hope will be a series of events in various locations that will be of interest to members throughout the country.


Amongst the things we have already been considering are:

• Regionally based events and activities to involve CFU members throughout the country

• Regular communications with exiled members to keep members informed

• Liaising with the Club to help Exiles to overcome problems obtaining tickets

• Assisting with services such as Blues Live that help exiled members

• Helping exiles to participate in CFU activities (with reports, videos and possibly webcasts etc of Chester based events)


But we are sure there are plenty more good ideas and we would love to hear them.


The CFU Exiles has its own Committee elected by exiles members and we have historically raised money for the Club; campaigned on various issues; organised travel and events for members and generally helped to keep people who support Chester but live away connected to the Club.  The Exiles have their own funds and will operate within CFU like other groups such as the Junior Blues.


It would be great to see as many Chester fans as possible on the 13th.  If you are able to come along it would be very helpful if you could just reply to this email to let us know so we have an idea of numbers for the venue.


Best wishes


Pauline Meakins and Steve Mansley
Chair and Secretary Chester FC Exiles


PS It doesn’t matter if you have not yet renewed your CFU membership (you can do that on the night!).  And if you know any other Chester fans who might be interested (regardless of whether they are CFU members or not) please encourage them to come along,


PPS If you do not want to be part of the CFU Exiles – just let us know.


More information on the Exiles can be found at: