New name revealed for reformation of club

After a week of voting, the time has finally arrived to announce the new name for the reformed club aiming to appear at the Deva Stadium this August…

In 1989 on this day, Graham Abel scored a stunning goal for Chester City against the mighty Wolves at Sealand Road, whilst on this day in the year 2000, Chester destroyed Mansfield Town 5-0 at the Deva Stadium.

Today though in 2010, another memory is etched into the lives of Blues fans – the day the club went back to its roots.

A week ago, fans were invited to vote on four options to come up with a name for the reformation of the club, with the four choices being Chester Football Club, City of Chester FC, Chester Rovers FC, and finally FC Chester. City Fans United opened up the voting to the whole community of Chester fans, in the area, the UK, and the rest of the world too – in fact fans in no less than 20 countries took part in the unique vote, with numbers voting totalling well over a thousand.


We can now reveal that 70% of supporters (887 votes) were in favour of returning to the name of Chester Football Club, which of course was the club’s name up until the early 1980’s, and ensures that the 125 year history and tradition of the club continues into the future.

City Fans United Press Officer, Jeff Banks, said, “It’s been great to see so many fans having the chance to rename the club, and as the voting shows, the fans want to go back to the name Chester Football Club, as that’s the name that everyone used to associate the Blues with, so now we can well and truly plan our club for the future, but carrying an important piece of history with us on our journey”.

City of Chester FC received 16% of the vote (196), FC Chester managed 9% (110), and Chester Rovers FC with 5% of the votes (68) completed the quartet of names.

City Fans United would like to thank everyone that voted, and also thank VoiceScape for providing us with the voting system, which in turn helped produce new members for City Fans United.

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