Statement from City Fans United

We all share the disappointment of the forecast losses that were announced at the CFU Meeting on Wednesday evening.


Those that attended the meeting were able to hear the board explain our current situation in wider context and whilst this situation is not ideal, we were able to explain that we are all determined to make in-roads to the forecast loss, and increase the financial controls in place. Moreover, to simply focus on the regrettable losses, undermines all the positive work that is, and has taken place at the Club, started by the previous Boards and now carried on with energy and enthusiasm by us all.



We would not be where we are today had it not been for those Board members who led the rebuilding of our club, ensuring that senior football survived in the City. These people gave and continue to give everything, at great personal cost, to preserve our football heritage. They deserve nothing but praise and our thanks. They, like you, have lives, jobs and families, but they gave everything they could for our cause. Without their foresight and effort we would now be floundering in the North West Counties League potentially under Danish ownership, or worse. 


For those of you that were unable to attend the meeting I would like to clarify a number of matters. Most importantly we are a debt free football club with a very positive future, sitting at the summit of the BSN.


Further to this we have established a Community Trust, with assets of £35,000, and a grant-funded Community Trust manager in place, this will benefit the club and community greatly. We also have a highly successful full time manager in Neil Young, and a quality playing squad that are both investments for the future.    


As I have previously said, when we have challenges, the crucial thing is how we react to them. Negativity, panic and blame do not and will not figure in our determination to continue on our road to success. Control, trust, enthusiasm, hard work and transparency is what will make us succeed further, and if we get it wrong sometimes it will not be for the want of trying to do our best, as others have done.


We will succeed together, challenges have been identified, and solutions are either in place or will be very soon.


It just remains for me to thank you for your continued support and if you would like to get involved further please contact the club. We are greatly heartened by the number of people who have already stepped forward to offer support for the task ahead.  


We all care passionately, so let’s move forward together.