‘Team of the Year’ honour for City Fans United

CFU sccop Team of the Year Award


City Fans United have scooped the honour of ‘Team of the Year’ in the ‘Your Champions’ Awards for 2010 for the Chester area .


CFU were put forward for the award back in August after nominations were received by the Chester Chronicle, part of Trinity Mirror Cheshire group, who along with Scottish Power began to recognise those who make a difference to their Community, and it’s fair to say that the 2700 members of City Fans United have each played a part in reviving football in the Community of Chester.

Mark Howell, Community Officer for the organisation said,  “It is a great honour to be recognised by this prestigious award, and we are humbled to be stood shoulder to shoulder with such inspirational fellow winners and nominees.


In giving us this award, the Chronicle and the awards committee are acknowledging the hard work, generosity and stubbornness of almost 3000 people who have a love and affection for Chester. A love not just for its Football Club, but also for its communities, its people, its landscape, everything.


We dedicate this award to those people. People who stood up to be counted when it mattered most. People who have written letters, sent pocket money, scrubbed terracing, manned offices and cleaned toilets. People who have helped us go on and build a strong foundation for a community football club within the City and outlying areas.


They have helped build a football club that has been, and will continue to be, involved in our schools, hospitals, charities, youth clubs etc in our communities, delivering educational courses, helping with raffles, offering help where we can.


City Fans United members have developed Chester FC into a Club that will support our City and our community, and a football club that the people of this wonderful City can rightly be proud of. For that, we thank them.”


City Fans United will pick up the Award at a presentation ceremony at the Crowne Plaza in Chester tonight, and will also be in the running for a regional champion of champions award with winners from other newspapers in the Trinity Group.