Author: Albert Davies

Loan Notes Explained

The CFU Loan Note Scheme was initially set up by City Fans United to raise a sum of money to enable us to provide for the setting up of a ‘phoenix’ club.

How much will it cost?

As much as you can afford! Supporters are being offered the chance to buy CFU Loan Notes in multiples of £100, but there is no upper limit.

For people who do not want to pay in a lump sum, you can set up a standing order to CFU to pay small amounts monthly. Loan notes would then be issued each time you hit multiples of £100.

Who can purchase Loan Notes?

The loan note scheme is open to members of City Fans United over the age of 18. Anyone not a member wishing to purchase loan notes can join on the Loan Note Application Form.

What benefits are there to my purchasing Loan Notes?

The main benefit you get is to play your part in investing in your club, and effectively giving the community of Chester a meaningful impact on the future of their Club. The Loan Note holders will collectively own a shareholding in their community football club, enabling them to be able to elect their fellow members to the board of their Club.

This way, we can prevent any one person purchasing a controlling interest in our Club, therefore preventing the past traumas of our Club from ever occuring again.

If Chester FC are successful in future years and CFU’s stake becomes worth a lot of money, could we sell our shares and distribute the profits?

Although it would be legally possible for CFU to sell some or all of the shares it owns in Chester Football Club, this would be the complete opposite to the principles of supporter ownership of the club that CFU are trying to establish. We must also stress that this is not an investment opportunity, please do not treat it as one.

Why should I invest in CFU?

This is a chance to invest in the future of a community focused, supporter led football club. A club that can help continue the 125 year proud history of football in our City, and give us a Club that we can once more be proud to support. A club with one voice and one vision.