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At the AGM in November 2015 the City Fans United board again made a commitment to try and improve communications and one of the ways of doing this is to provide a summary of the issues discussed at each board meeting. It is not possible to publish the minutes in full due to the commercial sensitivity of some issues.

CFU Board Summary – July 2023

Present:  Kieron Shiel (Chair), Mike Vickers (via video link), Nick Phillipson, Matt Dickenson, Adam Langan, Mike Day, Oliver Hill, Kate Mylchreest.

In attendance – Christine Robson and Georgina Slawinski.

Apologies: Jeff Banks, Ian Swettenham, Charlotte Walker and Jim Green

Minutes of Meeting held on 24th June 2023 –   Minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Conflicts of InterestNone.

Action Log Review Education Room has been vacated but equipment still there.  Needs to be stored elsewhere.  Contracts for staffAL stated that all but one had been done.

Portfolio Reports – New website hopefully to be introduced on 21st July 2023.  GS suggested getting an intern in to help with commercial website.  Asked Mike D for some training.

All reports had been read.

CFU Rebrand Update – OH checked that all board members had read his report.  Mike D had sorted out CFU and CFC to be under one umbrella on the site.  AL believed that members do not use their membership cards and are they necessary?  Matt D thought there should still be some form of ID for those fans who like to have a card.

OH, had come up with several names for the rebranding of the club.  After discussion the three most popular names to be put to members would be: –

MyChester FC, Chester FC Owners and Chester FC Owners Club

An explanation needs to be given to the members as to why the name needs to be changed.  The new name would be announced at the AGM in November.  OH, and CW to put together something for the website.

Does the club need a new logo.  OH, CW and Albert to have a look at a new logo design.

Review of CFU Benefits – All benefits that are on the website are now defunct.  The list needs to be cleared.

Review of club membership process Mike D stated that it worked out well over the year even though members were renewing at different times.  OH, thought that the membership should be for 12 months., irrespective of when you join.  OH, Mike D, NP and JB to have a look at how it can be better managed.

Cards – Should we be looking at finding a digital card to replace the membership card.  KS would investigate this.

FA SafeguardingKS would send the link round to all board members.  This is compulsory and must be completed by everyone.

Structure of Safety Officer Role JG had written the job description, but board decided that it needed to be expanded.  The board thought that the job should be advertised.  OH, asked about the training of the current stewards.  GS stated that this was being done.

Update on Bars Contract – NP informed that Board that GWG had been awarded the contract.  They had been working extremely hard cleaning out the bar and sorting out bookings.  The contract would be finalised after the two friendly games.  GWG had mentioned about changing the name of the Blues Bar to “The Cestrian”.  All board members who were present at the meeting were happy with the new name.

AOB – OH mentioned to the board the update on the Harry Mac facilities.  Was in the process of getting an architect to draw up some plans.

Special Games Occasions OH was in discussion with GS regarding options for days at the club to have a theme.

Fair Game – MV stated that Fair Game would be launching their new scheme next week.  They are very keen to get the finance flowing towards all teams.  Clubs who score well will receive more money.  They are hoping that there will be an Independent Regulator by 2025.

Commercial – GS mentioned that she had 70 people coming to the game.  She had sent out 10 different stand/stadium proposals.  Have a lot of new sponsors onboard.  We have 16 new matchday sponsors.  Is waiting for a few renewals of ground boards but is confident that they would be achieved.

Next official board meeting would be Saturday 12th August 2023 at the stadium in the Board Room.

CFU Board Summary – June 2023

Present: Kieron Shiel, Jim Green (by video link), Mike Vickers (by video link), Nick Phillipson, Matt Dickenson, Adam Langan, Mike Day, Charlotte Walker (by video link) Ian Swettenham and Oliver Hill.  In attendance: Christine Robson and Georgina Slawinski.

Apologies: Jeff Banks and Kate Mylchreest

Minutes of the meeting held on 11th May 2023 were accepted as a true record.

Conflicts of Interest – AL mentioned that he had joined a committee for CWAC named Sport and Recreation.  AL thought that there would be a conflict of interest if he were to attend a meeting with reference to the football club.  If this were the case, he would leave the meeting.  The CWAC committee did not see this as being a problem.

Action Log Review –. This item was moved to the end of the meeting.  It was subsequently decided that CRR would chase individuals on their outstanding actions.

Bars Contract – NP informed the board that the incumbent for the Blues Bar had left suddenly and we would now have to look for a new partner.  Two quotations had been received; one from Nick Stark and the other from GWG (who look after the kiosks).  NP stated that if GWG were awarded the contract they would have to have two different contracts for the kiosk and the bar.  A decision was made for NP, GS and Matt D to put a paper together and send the proposal to the full board for a vote.

CFU Rebrand – OH had sent a paper to the board regarding rebranding and had suggested five elements namely:-

Name and Branding of CFU, Cost/Structure Membership, Benefits to members, Renewal of timings and process, Social Media and Engagement.

After much discussion on each item, OH would prepare a paper with all suggestions given and bring to next official board meeting.

AOB – CRR mentioned to the board about the expiry of directors’ tenure at the AGM in November.  There would be four vacancies on offer.  Election letter would be going out by snail mail as well as electronically at the end of August/beginning of September.

CFU Board Summary – May 2023

Present: Kieron Shiel, Jim Green, Mike Vickers, Nick Phillipson, Matt Dickenson, Adam Langan, Jeff Banks, Mike Day, Charlotte Walker and Ian Swettenham.  In attendance: Christine Robson and Georgina Slawinski.

Apologies: Oliver Hill and Kate Mylchreest

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th April 2023 were accepted as a true record.

Conflicts of Interest – None to report.

Action Log Review – All outstanding actions were discussed and would be reviewed on a monthly basis.

Football Update – Jim Green had sent round a paper to the board regarding renewal of contracts. The FA had introduced a revised players’ contract.  All new contracts would start on 1st July 2023.

Finance  – Matt Dickenson had circulated a couple of papers to the Board.  As we approach the year-end, the latest projection figures would be positive.  Were still waiting for the FA for a further payment.  Club had received two loans, one of which needs to be repaid.

Matt wanted to thank Kieron, Mike Vickers, Jim and Georgina for their input towards the budget paper, which the most important is the playing budget.  Matt asked for the board to sign off the budget.  This was unanimously agreed by all members of the board.

Will need to look at two of our main incomes (Boost the Budget and Season tickets). Review of the budget throughout the year is essential

Commercial Update – Georgina stated that Myles Jones would be revisiting their sponsorship at board level.  Sponsorship proposals had gone to four companies.  The physical commercial brochure had arrived and will be going onto the website shortly.

End of Season event tickets had all sold out and we had six sponsors for the awards.  West Cheshire Bid had been at the stadium.

Backlog Improvements – Nick stated that we were still waiting on a decision regarding the Rent Pool.  The club had put in bids for hot water, and heaters.  Looking at doing jobs including tidying up the grounds during the summer months and will ask volunteers to come down to the stadium.

AOB – The incident with Brackley Town was now with the Police and we would be informed what the situation was once they had concluded their report.

CFU Board Summary – April 2023

Present: Kieron Shiel (Chair) Mike Vickers (by video link), Nick Phillipson, Jeff Banks, Mike Day (by video link), Ian Swettenham, Oliver Hill, Jim Green, Matt Dickenson, Charlotte Walker (by video link), Kate Mylchreest and Adam Langan.  In attendance: Georgina Slawinski and Christine Robson.

Apologies: None

Minutes of Meeting held on 4th March 2023 were accepted as a correct record.  No matters were arising.

Conflict of Interest.  None to report for this month.

Action Log Review.  Kieron went through; all outstanding actions with portfolio holders and set new dates for completion.

Football Update.  Jim stated that the team had qualified for the play-offs.  One of them would be at home.  The split will be 50/50 after costs to both teams.  Looking at pre-season games.  One will most probably be against Stockport County.  Looking at a possible seven friendlies of which one could be away to the “Isle of Man”.  The new company which is supplying our kits this year also supply kits for the Isle of Man.

Finance Update.  Matt D had sent a paper to all board members regarding the finances and went through it at the meeting.  Concern that the club must stay within the budget agreed.  A sub-group will look at all the finances and bring back recommendations to the board.  Would need to have another official board meeting as soon as feasibly possible.  Looking at a possible date of 11th May 2023.  Adam asked about the playoffs and how many fans could the stadium accommodate.  Jeff stated that the stadium held 5,126, of which 600 tickets must be given to away teams.   Discussions took place about the distribution of the tickets and options that were mentioned were:

Season Ticket holders, CFU members and then General Sales.

Commercial Update. Georgina, Jim and Albert had met with regards to “End of Season” awards.  We had 5 sponsors.  Georgina has also acquired a company called “Positive Planet” who are wanting to work with the club over the next three years.

Commercial brochure was still in progress.  All items have been done.  Just waiting to sort out printing.

We now have companies coming to us wanting to be involved with the club.  Chester Zoo is now a programme sponsor.

Board Strategy. Oliver had circulated a paper covering ideas towards where the board needed to work regarding the club.  Amongst the ideas, five seemed to be consistent.

CFU Rebrand, Artificial Pitch. Supporters Experience, Ownership Structure (Setup of CFU with CCFC and Community Trust) and the Women’s Team.

As all the above were very in-depth, it was suggested that each one be tackled individually and made an item on the agenda each month.

Harry Mac and Season Tickets. Jeff had circulated a paper to the board with regards to increasing prices for next season.  He then went through all the options.  Season tickets would be released on sale on 2nd May 2023.  It was decided that any tickets sold between 2nd May and prior to the end of the season/early bird, would be honoured, regardless of what league we were in.

AOB. Mike had asked about streaming and the review would be for the club.


Next Board meeting would be either held on 4th or 11th May 2023 by zoom.

CFU Board Summary – March 2023

Present: Kieron Shiel (chair), Mike Vickers, Nick Phillipson, Jeff Banks, Mike Day, Iam Swettenham, Oliver Hill, Jim Green, Matt Dickenson.  In Attendance: Georgina Slawinski (General Manager)and Christine Robson (Secretary).

Apologies: Charlotte Walker, Kate Mylchreest and Adam Langan

Minutes of Meeting held on Saturday 4th February 2023 were accepted as a correct record.  No matters were arising.

Conflicts of Interest – None to report for this month.

Action Log Review – Kieron went through all outstanding actions with portfolio holders and set new dates for completion.

Feedback from Strategy Meeting – Matt D stated that it had been very useful to spend the time together away from the club, but thought it could have been split in to two parts.  It highlighted the need for a forum.  Jim G agreed and stated it needed to have more focus on the board of Ditrectors and what they do.  Oliver Hill stated that the strategy is an ongoing system.  A sugestion to have Strategy down as an item on the monthly Board meetings was muted. Kieron S agreed that strategy is an ongoing thing and would never be shut down. Georgina S suggested that we have another day away from the club.

Kieron S stressed that we needed to know what each Director, on an individual level would do to work as a collective.  One person cannot achieve everything.  Ian S suggested that it would be a good idea to know when other board members would be down at the club.  The whatsapp group which has been set up needs to be used more often by individuals to communicate to others what they are doing.

Football Update – Jim G had sent round a paper regarding contracts.  Discussed various options of which the Board were happy for Jim G to start negotiations.  Jim G also had sent the board an email regarding policing of the grounds for the Banbury game.  The Safety Certificate needed more work.  We need more stewards.

Finance Update – Matt D had circulated a paper to the board regarding on the figures he was working on regarding the budget.  Stated that all budget holders must be aware of what their portfolio holds and must not go over it.  Would send out a separate document to al budget holders regarding the financial situation.  Was still waiting to hear from the Council regarding the Rent Pool.  The new Finance Officer, Jan Tunnicliffe had started work and had fitted in very well.  Matt D also mentioned that he had put in an applicaqton for a “Charge Card” which would be held by Georgina.    

Commercial Update – Georgina and Albert had almost completed brochure and it was nearly ready for print.  Georgina had organised for a film company to film a “Cross Country Trains” commercial which would made the club £2,500 .  Matt D asked that before any contracts went out for renewal, it was to be discussed at Board level.

Sportswear Provider Tender – Kieron S presented a power point presentation regarding the tendering for the new sportswear kits.  Went through all the procedures that he and Georgina had done in interveiwing the potential candidates.  At the end of the process only two had reached the end out of a possible ten.  The two companies were Kappa and Hope & Glory.  After discussions, Kieron recommended to the Board that we have Hope & Glory, which was approved.

AOB – Matt D asked about whether the South Stand could be opened.  Jim G stated that it could be open but co9uld be challenging as we only have one kiosk.  We could take upto 400 fans.

Jim G asked about the “End of Season” party, which al agreed should take place.  It was important to try and get a venue asap and what the cost would be.  Georgina stated she would look into this.  The preferred date for it to be held on was Friday 19th May 2023.

Next official board meeting to be held on Saturday 15th April 2023 in the Board Room at the Stadium.