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At the AGM in November 2015 the City Fans United board again made a commitment to try and improve communications and one of the ways of doing this is to provide a summary of the issues discussed at each board meeting. It is not possible to publish the minutes in full due to the commercial sensitivity of some issues.

CFU Board Summary – March 2020

Summary of CFU Board Meeting held on 30th March 2020 by virtual conference at 7.30pm.

Present:- Andy Morris (Chair), Jeff Banks, Chris Robertson, Kieron Shiel, Mike Day, David Williams, Mark Jones.

In Attendance:- Paul McDermott, Nick Phillipson and Christine Robson


Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the football club had been closed down until further notice and the meeting was held by virtual conference. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th February 2020 had been read and approved as being a correct record.


The Board were informed by Andy Morris that David Harrington-Wright had tendered his resignation as Chairman, due to personal reasons and also from being actively involved on the Board. The Board, through Andy, had thanked David for all his hard work and commitment to the Club.


Chris Robertson had circulated a paper regarding the situation for the Club due to the COVID 19. The Government had announced some initiatives which would help the Club, especially the Job Retention Scheme and the Grant of £25,000. Decision had been made to “furlough” all staff including the players and the managers. Chris also mentioned about some invoices that were still outstanding which would be chased. The Club can survive the crisis provided that no money is spent whilst the Club is in lockdown.


Andy Morris stated that he was waiting for news from the NL to see what the decision would be regarding playing the season out. Nick Philipson stated that the contract for D/A would be due up for renewal at the end of the season. Whilst in lockdown there was not much that the Club could do as due diligence would have to be adhered to and make sure any quotes were sustainable.


Jeff Banks mentioned that the E-Match which took place on 21st March 2020 had been a huge success and raised £2,100. A campaign over the weekend of 28/29 March 2020 for Renewal of Membership had achieved £1,800.


Next Meeting was provisionally booked for 27th April 2020, depending on circumstances of the lockdown.

CFU Board Summary – February 2020

Summary of CFU Board meeting held on 17th February 2020 in the Blues Bar

Minutes of Meeting held on 20th January 2020 were signed as a correct record. Nick Philipson and Paul McDermott were voted on the Board for a year as Non-Executive Directors.

Finance – Chris Robertson circulated to the Board a comprehensive financial update for 2019 which covered. The Club needs to be able to improve on its overall budget for the financial year, and budget holders were asked again to look at ways to save the Club money, otherwise there would be a deficit yet again.

Operations – Andy Morris had circulated a paper to the Board regarding operational matters and mentioned that all players were looking good for the match against Kings Lynn. It was also mentioned that a supporter had donated £100 towards the fund for GW’s mask. The cost of this was in the range of £800 which had been achieved. .

Safety – Steve Povey had been invited to the Board meeting to discuss potential issues regarding safety after he and MJ had been to a SAG meeting the previous week. SP had put to the Board several proposals which were all agreed on, with the exception of the west stand camera, which would be deferred to a later date,

Commercial – Paul Bodman had circulated a paper regarding updates to the Club. Had sorted quotes out for the “End of Season” party and was finalising details of which venue to go with, which would most probably be Crowne Plaza.

Fundraising – David Williams had send in a report to the Board and everything was still ongoing.

FEWG – Jeff Banks had sent a report to all Board members.

Youth Academy – MD brought to the attention of the Board an email that IS had sent regarding the remuneration package for Calum to cover his role at the Club. MD also mentioned who was on the Youth Academy Support Committee – (MD, MN, IS, BB, AD, GD and JG). MD also circulated a paper regarding the finances of the Academy and an email from IS regarding his sponsorship for the Club.

AOB – A date had been set for the next CFU Formal Meeting which would be Thursday 9th April 2020 at 7.30pm (bar open at 7pm). Meeting in Blues Bar

The next CFU AGM would be Thursday 22nd October 2020 at 7.30pm (bar open at 7pm). Meeting in Blues Bar